Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GaGa Scores Her 11th Top 10 Single

Lady GaGa just scored her 11th straight Billboard 100 top 10 single with 'You and I.'

I just posted how Rihanna scored her 20th top 10 single with 'We Found Love,' she was able to do that in Six years and four months. GaGa is hot on her trails though, Since releasing her debut 'Just Dance' in 2008 she has raked up 11 top 10 singles, out of 11 singles released. 

Rihanna has had a couple missteps throughout her career but every single GaGa has released has the distinction of reaching at least #10. GaGa is already more than halfway to 20 top 10 singles in a span of only two years and 10 months which is only 150 weeks. GaGa could easily beat Rihanna's record in little over a year. Depending on how many more singles from 'Born This Way' reach the top 10. If done by next year, GaGa could beat Rihanna's record in half the time.

Here is a recap of Lady GaGa's 11 Billboard Hot 100 top 10s:
Year, Peak Postition, Title:

2008, #1, Just Dance (Featuring Colby O'Donis)
2009, #1, Poker Face
2009, #5, LoveGame
2009, #6, Paparazzi
2009, #2, Bad Romance
2010, #3, Telephone (Featuring Beyonce)
2010, #5, Alejandro
2011, #1, Born This Way
2011, #10, Judas
2011, #3, The Edge of Glory
2011, #6, You and I
2011, #79, (so far) Marry The Night

The next release, 'Marry The Night' could easily extend her into 12 top 10 singles by the end of this calender year. There's a rumour that GaGa wants to release at least nine singles from 'Born This Way' which means four more tracks are still to be released. Personally I hope for 'Hair,' 'Bloody Mary,' 'Heavy Metal Lover' and 'Government Hooker' or 'ScheiBe.' 

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