Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'Bob's Burgers' Renewed For Season 3

FOX has renewed its animated sitcom 'Bob's Burgers' starring John Roberts and H. John Benjamin for a third season.

'Bob's Burgers' has been a pretty good hit for FOX, it's season premiere was watched by only four million viewers. Since its premiere in March, 'Bob's Burgers' has been streadily dropping in viewers, but keeping an average of three million. 'Burgers' already has ten episodes produced and will be shown during the third season this Fall. 

Here is the break down of the last five aired episodes:
Episode 04 - Burgerboss - April 1 - 3.66 million viewers
Episode 05 - Food Truckin - April 15 - 3.90 million viewers
Episode 06 - Dr. Yap - April 29 - 3.92 million viewers
Episode 07 - Moody Foodie - May 6 - 3.72 million viewers
Episode 08 - Bad Tina - May 13 - 3.69 million viewers

The season finale of 'Bob's Burgers' will air on Sunday, May 20th.

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