Thursday, May 10, 2012

ABC Cancel's 'Cougar Town' TBS Steals It

ABC has canceled its fantastic comedy 'Cougar Town' starring Courteney Cox and Busy Phillips.

'Cougar Town' was a pretty good hit for ABC, it's series premiere was watched by only 11 million viewers. Since its premiere in 2009 ABC has shuffled it around and pretty much garanteed its downfall. In early 2011 ABC shelved the second season and aired the now canceled 'Mr. Sunshine.' It came back in April 2011 the series dropped in viewership from seven million to five million.

In mid 2011 ABC announced its 2011/12 TV season and 'Cougar Town' was no where to be found. It was later moved to mid-season, where the third season finally aired in February 2012. The series has dropped down to four million viewers and has a lead-in 'Last Man Standing' which does not go well with it at all.  

ABC canceled 'Cougar Town' today however TBS has picked it up for a 15 episode fourth season. The cast has signed new contracts for a fifth season if TBS renews it.  

Here is the break down of the last five aired episodes:
Episode 07 - You Can Still Cange Your Mind - April 10 - 4.81 million viewers
Episode 08 - Ways To Be Wicked - April 17 - 4.45 million viewers
Episode 09 - Money Becomes King - April 24 - 4.89 million viewers
Episode 10 - Southern Accents - May 1 - 4.77 million viewers
Episode 11 - Down South - May 8 - 4.63 million viewers

Next week ABC will air back-to-back episodes which will lead into the one-hour finale on May 29. The fourth season premiere on TBS will begin in 2013.

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