Thursday, November 8, 2012

NBC Gives 'Chicago Fire' Full Season

NBC has given its drama 'Chicago Fire' starring Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney a full season bringing the total number of episodes from 13 to 22.

'Chicago Fire' has been a steady performer for NBC. The series premiere was watched by almost seven million viewers. The past four episodes have seen the ratings fluctuate from good to bad each week. This past week saw the series rise in viewership and ratings and has become the first new series to do better in subsequent episodes on any major network. The ratings and viewership for this past weeks episode were higher than the series premiere in October but that was thanks to 'The Voice' airing before it instead of the struggling 'Law and Order: SVU.'

Here is a breakdown of the last five-aired episodes:
01 - Pilot - October 10 - 6.61 million viewers
02 - Mon Amour - October 17 - 5.85 million viewers
03 - Professional Courtesy - October 24 - 6.42 million viewers
04 - One Minute - October 31 - 5.62 million viewers
05 - Hanging On - November 7 - 7.03 million viewers

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