Thursday, November 29, 2012

ABC Give's 'Malibu Country' Full Season

ABC has given its freshman comedy 'Malibu Country' starring Reba McEntire and Lily Tomlin for a full season bringing the total number of episodes from 13 to 18.

A normal full season order would be 22 episodes but because 'Malibu Country' premiered in November and not the usual September, it won't need 22 episodes to be able to air until May 2013. If the series does well enough it could always get an additional four episodes.

'Malibu Country' has been a steady performer for ABC. The series premiere was watched by over nine million viewers. The past four episodes have seen the ratings fluctuate from six to seven million viewers. This past week saw the series rise in viewership and ratings have stabilized.

Here is a breakdown of the last five-aired episodes:
01 - Pilot - November 2 - 9.13 million viewers
02 - Baby Steps - November 9 - 7.34 million viewers
03 - Shell Games - November 16 - 6.67 million viewers
04 - Cash's Car - November 23 - 6.53 million viewers
05 - Not with My Daughter - November 30 - 6.33 million viewers

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