Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Peaches 2 Release "I Feel Cream"

Peaches is set to release her third official single, off her fourth studio album, "I Feel Cream."

The title track will be the third single and will be released on November 10. The music video premiered today, October 21, 2009. And in keeping with Peaches plan to release one video for each and every song on the record, the video for “I Feel Cream” premiered today on YouTube. This will be 6th video to be released following "Talk To Me," "More," "Lose You," "Serpentine (I Don't Give A Fuck Part 2" and "Take You On."

The "I Feel Cream" single will include a remix by Cory Enemy which can be heard here:

"I Feel Cream" is my favourite track on the album so I am thrilled it was chosen to represent the album! Now to complete the album would be to release two more singles, "Billionaire" and "Mommy Complex."

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