Saturday, May 11, 2013

'Scandal' Renewed By ABC For Season 3

ABC has renewed its mega hit drama series, 'Scandal' starring Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn for a third season.

The second season premiered to nearly seven million viewers which is great for a drama series on ABC. However, the series has been gaining momentum and has been breaking its own records all season long. 'Scandal' broken series high ratings/viewership four times this season, episode eight, episode 10, episode 16 and again with episode 21 when it hit 8.87 million viewers. Also, episode 21 became the first time 'Scandal' beat 'Grey's Anatomy' both in ratings and viewership which is a huge accomplishment. 

Here is a list of the last-five aired episodes:
17 - Snake in the Garden - March 28 - 7.97 million viewers
18 - Molly, You in Danger, Girl - April 4 - 8.04 million viewers
19 - Seven Fifty Two - April 25 - 7.90 million viewers
20 - A Woman Scorned - May 2 - 8.07 million viewers
21 - Any Questions? - May 9 - 8.87 million viewers

The season two finale will air this week on May 16. I definitely see another broken record this week. I see the show reaching the nine million mark for the finale, no doubt there will be huge cliffhanger. 

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