Saturday, May 11, 2013

Grey's Anatomy' Renewed For Season 10

ABC has renewed its long-running drama staple, 'Grey's Anatomy' starring Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey for an incredible 10th season.

The season nine premiered to nearly 12 million viewers which is up from the season eight premiere and finale. However, the series has been hovering around the eight-nine million mark for the entire season. 'Grey's Anatomy' is still ABC's number one drama series in both the ratings and viewership. ABC will not give the series a final season until it drops from the top spot. 

Here is a list of the last-five aired episodes:
19 - Can't Fight This Feeling - March 28 - 9.02 million viewers
20 - She's Killing Me - April 4 - 8.58 million viewers
21 - Sleeping Monster - April 25 - 8.24 million viewers
22 - Do You Believe in Magic - May 2 - 8.87 million viewers
23 - Readiness is All - May 9 - 8.97 million viewers

The season nine finale will air on May 16. No word on how many episodes the 10th season will include but the usual 24 episodes seems right. Also, The finale will be the 196 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy,' meaning the fourth episode of season 10 will be its 200th episode, which is a huge achievement for any series in this modern TV era.

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