Monday, March 4, 2013

FOX Renewed 'The Following'

FOX has renewed its freshman serial horror drama, 'The Following' starring Kevin Bacon for a second season.

The series premiered to over 10 million viewers which is on par with last season's mid-season premiere of 'Alcatraz.' The show had bottomed out around the eight million mark but has steadily been raising in viewership over the past couple weeks. FOX has a lot of faith the viewers will stick with the series for the entire first season. Last season saw 'Alcatraz' start out strong and then fizzle out for the finale. 

Here is a list of the last five-aired episodes:
Episode 03 - The Poet's Fire - February 4 - 9.01 million viewers
Episode 04 - Mad Love - February 11 - 7.79 million viewers
Episode 05 - The Siege - February 18 - 8.39 million viewers
Episode 06 - The Fall - February 25 - 8.58 million viewers
Episode 07 - Let Me Go - March 4 - 8.81 million viewers

The season finale will air on April 29, 2013. The second season will premiere again during mid-season in January 2014. FOX has decided to renew the series for another 15 episodes to enure no breaks or re-runs, which seems to be working for the first season.

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