Friday, March 1, 2013

ABC Cancels 'Zero Hour'

ABC has canceled its struggling freshman series, 'Zero Hour' after only three episodes.

'Zero Hour' never had a chance to be a hit. First, it premiered too late into the season, premiering in late February. Second, it was given ABC's 'death slot' which is Thursdays at 8pm. A brand new series should never be the first thing on during primetime, it should follow a proper hit such as 'Grey's Anatomy' or 'Revenge.'  Third, it was airing against some of the stiffest competition of the week, CBS's 'The Big Bang Theory/Two and a Half Men' and FOX's 'American Idol.'

The drama series premiered on Valentine's Day to just over six million viewers which is rather low considering the last show in it timeslot, the also-cancelled 'Last Resort' had between 6-8 million viewers. The past two episodes saw the rating go further down and viewership to just over five million. 

Here is a list of the aired episodes:
01 - Pilot - February 14 - 6.38 million viewers
02 - Face - February 21 - 5.39 million viewers
03 - Pendulum - February 28 - 5.05 million viewers

No word on whether or not the remaining 10 episodes will air, probably as summer burn-off with '666 Park Avenue.' ABC will schedule repeats of 'Shark Tank' for the next two weeks before 'Celebrity Wife Swap' will air new episodes between March 21 - May 2. Beginning May 9, 'Wipeout' will premiere its new season.

I think ABC should schedule a 10th and final season of 'Grey's Anatomy' in the 8pm Thursday deathslot for the Fall of 2013 instead of trying to anchor new series. Over the past four years ABC has seen every freshman series canceled in this timeslot. The last successful series to air in the timeslot was 'Ugly Betty' back in 2008. 

The canceled series include:
Fall 2012 - Last Resort
Spring 2012 - Missing
Fall 2012 - Charlie's Angels
Fall 2011 - My Generation
Spring 2009 - The Deep End
Fall 2009 - FlashForward

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