Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The CW Has Canceled Its 'Cult'

The CW has canceled the freshman drama, 'Cult' starring Matthew Davis and Jessica Lucas after seven episodes.

The series premiere to less than a million viewers and after two episodes was moved to the 9PM deathslot on Fridays. Its subsequent episodes have dropped even further to around 500 thousand viewers. It has the distinction of being the worst premiere of any TV series in the history of broadcast television, narrowly beating NBC's 'Do No Harm.'

Here is a list of the last-five aired episodes:
03 - Being Billy - March 8 - 0.68 million viewers
04 - Get With the Program - March 15 - 0.72 million viewers
05 - The Kiss - March 22 - 0.73 million viewers
06 - The Good Fight - March 29 - 0.54 million viewers
07 - Suffer the Children - April 5 - 0.62 million viewers

No word on when or if The CW will show the remaining six episodes. It seems likely The CW will air the remaining episodes in the summer as burnoff considering they already produced the episodes and to give fans a proper send off.

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