Friday, August 5, 2011

Bjork 2 Release 'Biophilia'

Bjork is set to release her seventh studio album, 'Biophilia' on September 27, 2011.

'Biophilia' will be Bjork's first album since 2007's 'Volta' and is the longest break between albums in Bjork's career. The album is partly recorded on an iPad and will be released in the form of a series of apps as well as a standard CD release. 'Biophilia' will be the worlds 'first app album' in collaboration with Apple.

Bjork has described the project as a multimedia collection encompassing music, apps, internet, installions and live shows. She will release three promo singles/apps to iTunes in support of the album release. The first promo single, 'Cosmogony' was released on July 19, 'Virus' will be released on August 9 and the final promo single 'Moon' will be released on September 6.

Every song has a subtitle, while some subtitles refer to the physical phenomena related to the song, others may refer to musical resources related to those physical phenomena. 

Here is the official track listing for 'Biophilia':

01 - Moon (Lunar Cycles, Sequences)
02 - Thunderbolt (Lightning, Apreggios)
03 - Crystalline (Structure)
04 - Cosmogony (Music of the Spheres, Equilibrium)
05 - Dark Matter (Scales)
06 - Hollow (DNA, Rhythm)
07 - Virus (Generative Music)
08 - Sacrifice (Man and Nature, Notation)
09 - Mutual Core (Tectonic Plates, Core)
10 - Solstice (Gravity, Counterpoint) 

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