Thursday, December 17, 2009

P!nk Is Set To Release "Ave Mary A"

P!nk is set to release her seventh official Australian single off her fifth studio album, "Funhouse."

The seventh Australian single will be the ballad "Ave Mary A". The track will go to radio on December 21 and will be released digitally on January 15, 2010. The music video is set to premiere in late January.

While "Ave Mary A" will be the Australian single this Winter, North America will receive the single, "I Don't Believe You" as their fifth single. P!nk has a massive following in Australia and that is why there are more singles there than anywhere else.

"Bad Influence" and "Ave Mary A" are Australia-only singles as of December 2009. If "I Don't Believe You" does as well as the previous four in North America, than I can definitely see both "Bad Influence" and "Ave Mary A" being contenders as the sixth North American single.

Here is a breakdown of singles around the world off "Funhouse":

North America:
01 - "So What" (August 2008)
02 - "Sober" (November 2008)
03 - "Please Don't Leave Me" (May 2009)
04 - "Funhouse" (August 2009)
05 - "I Don't Believe You" (January 2010)

01 - "So What" (August 2008)
02 - "Sober" (November 2008)
03 - "Please Don't Leave Me" (January 2009)
04 - "Bad Influence" (April 2009)
05 - "Funhouse" (August 2009)
06 - "I Don't Believe You" (November 2009)
07 - "Ave Mary A" (January 2010)

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