Friday, December 11, 2009

Kelis 2 Release "Flesh Tones" in March

Kelis is set to release her fifth studio album, "Flesh Tones" in March 2010.

Lead single, "Acapella" was just released last week. The video should be released sometime in January. Kelis explained the new album will be a departure for her musically.

"Originally I wanted to do something electro," she added about the album's feel. "I kind of went through all these different phases of what I wanted it to be. In recording stuff, it kept changing. Finally it got to this really electronic, dance, really melodic vibe. Everything started to come in that space. I started to fall in love with it. It took a life unto itself. It wasn't calculated. ... All the stuff I fell in love with and stuff I was writing fell into that space. It's sort of a new-age disco — futuristic disco."

No release date has been announced yet.

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