Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Showtime Renews 'Californication'

Showrime has renewed its long-running comedy, 'Californication' starring David Duchovny for a seventh season.

The six season premiered to an outstanding one million viewers, which is up significantly from the 0.76 million for the fifth season premiere. The season has been hovering around 0.70 and one million an episode. The comedy is currently on par with Showtime's other Winter comedy, 'House of Lies.'

Here is a list of the already-aired episodes:
Episode 01 - The Unforgiven - January 13 - 1.07 million viewers
Episode 02 - Quitters - January 20 - 0.74 million viewers 
Episode 03 - Dead Rock Stars - January 27 - 0.89 million viewers

The 12-episode six season will wrap on April 7. The seventh season will premiere in January 2014 and will consist of 12 episodes, bringing its series total to 84 episodes.

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