Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NBC Announces 'The Office' End Date

NBC has announced today that their long-running comedy, 'The Office' will end after this upcoming ninth season. 

'The Office' premiered in 2005 and has been a standout hit for NBC. However, the past season, it's eighth, saw a decline in viewership in both the premiere and the finale. With any show entering into its ninth season there are higher chances of cancellation. Most networks that have a standout series that has lasted longer then five seasons usually give the creator and writers a chance to wrap up storylines and let the series end on a high note, instread of the usual cliffhanger.

For the majority of the series 'The Office' held its viewership around seven-nine million viewers. This past season saw a decline to four million. The premiere saw almost eight million and has steadily dropped to 4.5 million for the finale. Note: the main character portrayed by Steve Carell left after the seventh season. 
The final season will premiere on September 20, 2012 and the series finale will air in May 2013.

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