Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'Damages' Complete 3rd Season

'Damages: The Complete Third Season' will arrive in a three-disc set on DVD, today, July 12, 2011. 

There is still no word yet whether a Blu-Ray release will follow. The DVD will be loaded with special features including Cast and Creator Commentaries, Deleted Scenes, Blooper Reel and more.

The Official Episode list includes:
01 - Your Secrets are Safe
02 - The Dog is Happier Without Her
03 - Flight's at 11:08
04 - Don't Throw That at the Chicken
05 - It's Not My Birthday
06 - Don't Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck
07 - You Haven't Replaced Me
08 - I Look Like Frankenstein
09 - Drive it Through Hardcore
10 - Tell Me I'm Not Racist
11 - All That Crap About Your Family
12 - You Were His Little Monkey
13 - The Next One's Gonna Go in Your Throat

DVD Special Features include:
- Cast and Creator Commentaries on select episodes with Martin Short, Rose Byrne, Tate Donovan, Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman
- Deleted Scenes
- Blooper Reel: Somtimes You Just Get Damaged
- Directing Damages - A look behind the camera 
- 13 Episode Introduction
- Damages Season 3 Teaser
- Damages Season 3: A Look Back

Taken from:http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Damages-Season-3/15356#ixzz1RvKbysJ0

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