Monday, October 8, 2012

FOX Gives 'Ben and Kate' 6 More Episodes

FOX has given its comedy 'Ben and Kate' starring no one of importance six more episodes which will bring the total episodes from 13 to 19, not quite a full season order.

'Ben and Kate' has been a steady performer for FOX. The series premiered to over four million viewers. Since its premiere in September, the series has been holding steady and has given FOX another minor hit on Tuesdays to go along with 'New Girl' and 'Raising Hope.'

Here is a breakdown of the already-aired episodes:
Episode 01 - Pilot - September 25 - 4.21 million viewers
Episode 02 - Bad Cop/Bad Cop - October 2 - 3.32 million viewers

The series may have been given 19 episodes but its a far cry from being renewed at its current ratings and viewership.

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