Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goldfrapp 2 Release 'The Singles'

Goldfrapp is set to release their career retrospective, 'The Singles' on Febraury 6 in the UK and a day later in North America.

'The Singles' will feature hits from the past 12 years and all five studio albums, 2000's 'Felt Mountain,' 2003's 'Black Cherry,' 2005's 'Supernature,' 2008's 'Seventh Tree' and 2010's 'Head First.'

The collection will include two new singles, 'Yellow Halo' which will be released first and 'Meloncholy Sky' to follow nexy year. 

Here is the official track listing for 'The Singles':
01 - Ooh La La (from Supernature)
02 - Number 1 (from Supernature)
03 - Strict Machine (from Black Cherry)
04 - Lovely Head (from Felt Mountain)
05 - Utopia (Genetically Enriched) (from Felt Mountain)
06 - A&E (from Seventh Tree)
07 - Happiness (from Seventh Tree)
08 - Train (from Black Cherry)
09 - Ride a White Horse (from Supernature)
10 - Rocket (from Head First)
11 - Believer (from Head First)
12 - Black Cherry (from Black Cherry)
13 - Yellow Halo
14 - Meloncholy Sky 

As with any hits collection some singles won't make it on the final product. Here are the singles missing from the collection. 
- Human (from Felt Mountain)
- Pilots (On a Star) (from Felt Mountain)
- Twist (from Black Cherry)
- Fly Me Away (from Supernature)
- Caravan Girl (from Seventh Tree)
- Clowns (from Seventh Tree)
- Alive (from Head First)

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