Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Camille Jones 2 Release 4th Album

Camille Jones is set to release her fourth studio album, 'Did I Say I Love You' in Europe on February 26, while the North American release will follow in March. 

The fourth album will include the previously released singles, 'Better Forget' and 'The Truth.' The album will be promoted with the new single, 'The Streets.'

The album is packed with house songs, you can dance to until the break of dawn. Unlike Camille’s previous „naughty“ album 'Barking Up The Wrong Tree,' 'Did I Say I Love You' focuses more on love in various guises. For her it has been quite a challenge to record the album, because when it comes to love, it becomes difficult: „My last record was all about sex. It was easy enough to write about. I had no natural barriers. But the new album is about love – love is the next step and it was really hard for me to open up. There are many things I’ve never said before, when it comes to love. But with this album I revealed them now.”

Here is the official track listing for 'Did I Say I Love You':

01 - The Streets 
02 - Closer
03 - Say You Will
04 - Wasted (Featuring The Egg)
05 - Now You Know
06 - Better Forget (Featuring The House Keepers)
07 - Stay Gold
08 - The Truth
09 - Show Me Love
10 - The Dark

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